Reflects a hyperbolic expression of the inner voices. They can be loud enough to create impulses, or quiet, not heard clearly, or heard but not acknowledged. Sometimes precise, other-times misleading, confusing and so often completely contradictory.

Ultimately, each person represents what is choosing to display in the outside world, but there is always something more, not shown, a secret face that lives within, almost closed, evanescent and unknown even to one’s own conscious level.

Who I am, who I would like to be, how the others perceive me, how I think I am, what I like, what I choose to do, are important landmarks that can become clearer if I listen to the little voices whispering inside my head. And the UNDISCLOSED face of myself can become less elusive to me.

UNDISCLOSED is a collection of contemporary jewelry that is revealing but also hiding the faces of inner voices, composing and decomposing, like in a multiplied mirror reflection, many versions of possible “Self”.

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